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my story on americas most wanted web site.

My Story by Terrie Moore
I'm begging you to help put my sister's murderer behind bars so that I can try to have some closure in my heart. I need your help to catch this scum and lock them away. I need justice.

According to Gastonia Police, on September 9, 2005, the body of 28-year-old Jayelynn Smith was found in a wooded area along East Second Ave in Gastonia, North Carolina. The victim was brutally beaten with a brick and it was determined that she died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.

My baby sister Jayelynn Smith was found in a wooded area off a road. She was found by someone walking to the store who said he saw a human body and called 911. They say my baby sister laid in the woods 2 or 3 days, only half a block from a friend's house. The smell was awful.

A brick was found with blood on it. She died from multiple blunt force head trauma. The sorry pieces of scum beat her to death with a brick and let her lay on the side of the road like a dog. On September 9, 2005 she was discovered on a local street in Gastonia, NC decomposed with multiple blunt force trauma. No one is in jail and no suspects.

She was only 28-years-old with three little boys. My sister was a very loving and caring person - a child still in her mind. She loved older people and children so much. She would never hurt a flea.

I am very hurt and need closure. There are persons of interest but no suspects yet. I have no family to help me but I do have a very special friend who I don't know what I would do without. She helps me make wreaths to put where Jayelynn was found. I need justice for my sister so I can know she is at peace. I love and miss my "Little Bird" (Jaye-Bird was her nickname). I am begging for help.

if you know anything please help me,,,,,

Cold Case: Police look for answers in 2005 killing
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May 03, 2009 7:27 PM
GASTONIA - If a car was parked nearby or a suspicious figure was seen walking from the woods, police want to know about it.
Those seemingly unimportant details could help solve the 2005 murder of Jaelynn Jarrett Smith, said Gastonia Police Detective Mike Chambers.

"This is a case that I'm hoping we can get solved with the public's help," Chambers said. "We've just got to keep pressing, and hopefully get some people to talk. They may think the information's not important, but it really may be."

A pedestrian found the 28-year-old woman's body in a clump of woods on East Second Street Sept. 9, 2005. She had been bludgeoned with a blunt object, and Chambers said she died from trauma to the head.

Smith lived nearby on the 300 block of South Avon Street. Her sister, Terrie Moore, told The Gazette in a June 2008 story that Smith had been a prostitute and struggled with drug addiction.

Her story was featured on the "America's Most Wanted" Web site, and the governor's office last year announced a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Jaelynn's killer.

"We're just continuing to push forward on this, and hopefully we'll be able to have some closure for the family and be able to clear this case," Chambers said.

Police believe Smith was killed in the woods where her body was found. Chambers said he couldn't discuss physical evidence recovered from the crime scene.

Police conducted numerous interviews but were unable to develop a suspect following the 2005 killing. Chambers said the case was recently reassigned to him in order to bring a new perspective to a stalled investigation.

"The advantage is that you get a new set of eyes to look at the case," he said. "Maybe some new leads come to light that we haven't tried that we can try this time."

Police have no witness reports of people or vehicles in the area where Smith's body was found.

"The public's help is really going to be a big benefit when it comes to solving this case," Chambers said. "Sometimes people are out and they see things that are highly important when it comes to a homicide."

Anyone with information on the killing or anyone who saw people or vehicles near the scene on the day of the murder is asked to call Chambers at 704-866-6970.

You can reach Corey Friedman at 704-869-1828.


Police are looking for witnesses who were near the 600 block of East Second Street on Sept. 9, 2005, when Jaelynn Jarrett Smith's body was found in a clump of woods. Anyone with information on people or vehicles seen in the area is asked to call Detective Mike Chambers at 704-866-6970 or Crime Stoppers at 704-861-8000.


my sister

i hope someone has the guts to tell on the animal that murdered my baby sister